Saturday, April 7, 2012

Chapter Two

Vocabulary: toshak, 19 chador, 19. looters, 22 intricate patterns, 22 shalwar kameez, 24.

1. Why can’t Nooria and Parvana's mother go out into the street?

2. Nooria and Parvana always bicker. Why don’t they get along? How do they talk to each other?

3. What job does Parvana do reluctantly because it has to be done?

4. Who was Hossain and what happened to him?

5. What is meant by eating Afghan style?

6. How does a hospitable Afghani behave?

7. Why is the story of Malali important for the women of Afghanistan? What lesson does her story teach?

8. Why is Parvana's father arrested? How does the family react to his arrest?

1 comment:

  1. 1. They can't because they are to girly and there figure.
    2. They don't get along because they hate each other. They talk to each other in a really mean way.
    3. To get the water for the family.
    4. Hossain was Parvana's big brother. He was killed in a manhole.
    5. By sitting on a blanket and eating.
    6. Most people kind be really nice but others can be really really mean.
    8. Parvana's father is arrested for having a forgin education. The family react to his arrest not so well.